We are heartbroken to pass along the news that Tom Uncapher unexpectedly passed away on April 30, 2018, devastating his wife Heather and his three children Alex, Jessie and Andrew.

We are sorry to all of you who have called or emailed as we have been slow response or response at all and service that has been slow at best. The company was closed for two and a half days last week to mourn and pay our last respects to a respected and hardworking family man.

Given the circumstances, we have had difficulty with service delivery to you and for that we are sorry. We all believed that we could work as hard and fill in for Tom’s role with the company that he built. But as the days passed it has become very clear that maintaining the same spirit and drive without our “Floor General” is an impossible task.

Tom was the leader and face of the company and that simply cannot be replaced. This has made for a heavy-hearted decision to announce that UncapherLandscape LTD will be discontinuing all operations on May 12, 2018.

It’s never easy to pass along this type of news and it’s even harder to say goodbye. If he were given the opportunity he would have told you, Thank You! Thank You for giving him this opportunity to work for you over the years and allowing him to operate a business he loved and Thank You for being a customer and giving him the valued relationships he had with many of you. He considered all of you as a part of his “work-family”.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding during this time.

Heather, Alex, Jessie, Andrew Uncapher